[Tweeters] Boat rental for finding the STGU? Local advice requested.

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Is there a need for concern that searching for the Swallow-tailed Gull with boats would have it feeling harassed? I know that Tweeters are more conscientious than some of local whale-watchers in resisting the just-a-little-closer temptation, so perhaps this isn’t a concern here.

Although I’m ensconced down here in West Seattle and am reluctant to venture out onto freeways to go searching for the STGU up north, all of this exuberant chatter is bringing to mind happy memories of encountering this gull recently in the Galapagos. I have a few photos of them posted here on Flickr<https://www.flickr.com/photos/trileigh/36798632966/in/album-72157684994585825/> (that photo and 3 others adjacent), if you’d like to see it in its native habitat.

Happy searching, all!

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A fellow birder whom I met several weeks ago (Jim Zook) suggested that I post this brilliant idea of his...renting a boat to track down the gull.

Given that the local beaches will be full for the next three days, and loafing gulls may withdraw to inaccessible locations along the shore, hiring a boat and captain might be a very effective way to look for the bird. Do any local birders have suggestions on how to rent a boat and/or hire a guide with a boat? I'm sure a fishing guide would happily take the offer. If you do have information on how this could be done, please post your suggestions and information here on Tweeters. A boat would be a logical way to patrol the coastline and look for loafing gulls, especially in areas that the public does not have access to. While this may seem unconventional, there are birders arriving from all over the US who would probably be more than eager to hire a boat and pilot to seek out the day roost for this nocturnal-feeding gull.

If you have ideas on hiring a boat and guide, but are not signed up for posting on Tweeters, you may email me your ideas/information and I will post it (though I plan to go birding tomorrow morning for a few hours and will be unable to post during that time).

Finally, let me offer my gratitude to Ryan Merrill for finding this bird, and for everyone who posted updates on it yesterday and today. I was able to see it on Thursday morning thanks especially to Lonnie Somer who texted me to make sure I was aware of it.

Bird well,
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