[Tweeters] Montlake Fill (Seattle)

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Sun Sep 3 09:09:32 PDT 2017

It helps to have assistants. A quick visit to Montlake Fill this morning got better when a couple of guys newish to the area (from the East, less than a year, sorry, but I didn't get names) slowed me down. Around the first bench on the east side (inscribed for a Ms. Hermann) we had Marsh Wren, Willow Flycatcher, Yellow Warbler, Downy Woodpecker, and at least four passing pintail. Three half-sized raccoons minus their mom, and hence a little hungry, a little more likely to be day active, and a little too trusting of people, came close to us, which gave us the benefit of seeing the Virginia Rail they flushed. Bird raccoons (as opposed to bird dogs). Sort of like the ostrich flushing a Black Harrier for me last month in South Africa.

2 September, 2017,

Alan Grenon

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