[Tweeters] Swallow-tailed Gull vs Squid

Bob Archer rabican1 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 07:34:48 PDT 2017

As to the moon and squid, the full moon lights up the water and thus squid
can feed all night, one theory among fisherman is the new moon keeps squid
from feeding all night since they cannot see their prey as well, thus they
feed at dusk and dawn. (Feeding means rising up to surface water to catch
fish, and thus in range for fisherman and birds} If you ever want to see
an amazing sight, be out on the ocean on a moonless night and take a
bright deck light and aim it into the water. On the fish finder you will
see a dark blob of squid rising up to the light. On the attached link I
see squid are in the , what do ya know, Edmonds area in Sept. If anything,
get a boat, go out there and shine a light into the water at night, and
watch the Swallow-tailed have a feast. Out on the ocean it can become a
complete mess with Storm-petrels crashing into the boat, but probably not
an issue near Edmonds.


Bob Archer
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