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Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 17:11:30 PDT 2017

Hello All - Please do be very careful if you are crossing BNSF railroad
tracks to get to the beach and give strong consideration to not doing it.

It might look easy to do, but a surprising number of people are killed
on railroad tracks. Years ago I was a reporter and reported on the death
of a young woman on the railroad tracks in the Richmond Beach area. I
remember being very surprised by the number of deaths there. I imagine
it's even worse now because the train traffic has increased.

A 2017 Seattle Times article published in July said that there had
already been 10 people (in 10 separate incidents) killed on BNSF tracks
in Washington State in 2017.

My recollection is that the accidents often occur because people might
hear a train, look in one direction for it and see it, but another train
coming from the other direction kills them. So the lesson would be to
always look in BOTH directions and make sure of your footing as you
cross. Do not think that because you don't hear a train that there is no
train. There are several reasons you might not hear a train, yet the
train is there and can almost never stop in time to avoid the collision.

Jane Hadley

Seattle, WA

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