[Tweeters] Wildfires and their effect on migration

Josh Adams xjoshx at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 08:41:21 PDT 2017

My statistical data point is very small (comparing this year vs last
year), but I would agree that August felt very, very dead. I just did
a walk around my neighborhood and yard and found very, very few
migrants. The species that don't move around much (Chickadees, etc.)
seem to be present in normal numbers, but no migrants. I suspect that
the dry weather is more to blame than the smoke, since I had similar
counts even a few weeks ago when there was no smoke. Presumably the
are somewhere, but it'll be interesting to see if there has just been
a delay or if the birds have pushed somewhere with better conditions
like higher elevations.

Josh Adams
Cathcart, WA

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