[Tweeters] Swallow-tailed Gull in Edmonds Thursday Morning

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Thanks Chris

Still on the bc ferry expect to arrive at 3 pm. One on the pier the gull is seen from the south end of the pier looking south to the breakwall - right.

Keith Taylor
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> On Sep 7, 2017, at 11:32 AM, J Christian Kessler <1northraven at gmail.com> wrote:


> follow signs to the ferry until you are at the foot of the hill just before the ferry, then you want to take Dayton St towards the water (west). depending on whether you approach from the north or the south, Dayton is the stop light just after (from north) or just before from south) the ferry terminal itself.

> follow Dayton over the RR tracks, bearing left to stay on main road. as you cross the tracks, you'll see the pier right in front of you, street parking is best, tho may have to drive down the street a bit to find a spot just now.


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>> Hi Tweeters


>> Can someone please give a detailed description of what lies ahead at the Edmonds Pier, as I have only looked at the other locations. It seems you follow highway 104 right to the pier? What is involved once you get there? Do you walk out along the fishing pier and it's on the adjacent rocks? Where do you park?


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>>> On Sep 7, 2017, at 9:04 AM, Carol Riddell <cariddellwa at gmail.com> wrote:


>>> I was scoping from the south end of the Edmonds public pier this morning. At 8 a.m., the STGU flew in from offshore, over my head, and then continued into the Edmonds marina and landed among the Heermann’s Gulls at the north end of the south breakwater, i.e., near the marina entrance. Photos can be seen in the link to my eBird checklist. Once it landed among the HEEGs, I could not see it. You would need to take a scope to the south end of the pier and just hope that the bird rests where it can be seen, or that one of the Bald Eagles flies through the marina and causes the gull flock to rise up.


>>> A word of caution. Salmon season is in full swing. There are a lot of anglers on this public, multi-use pier. The group at the south end of the pier were particularly unfriendly. There is not a lot of room for lots of birders. If the gull had landed on the north breakwater, scopes could spread out along the pier and see it. If it remains on the south breakwater, birders will be clumped together at the south end of the pier. It might be visible from the fuel dock inside the marina. That dock, however, is at water level so you have to look up to see the top of the breakwater. If the gull is towards the outer side of the breakwater, then the pier is the best viewing location.


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