[Tweeters] Swallow tailed Gull - incredlble part 2

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Fri Sep 8 20:43:35 PDT 2017

Sorry for sending the post a little prematurely

Anyway again… after missing the bird at Car Keek, we birded some other spots in the area and kept checking Tweeters, hoping Ryan had relocated the bird. But we had to get home, back to Spokane… meetings to get to, etc. Kelleen and I were talking about on the trip home at what point would we turn around and go back for the bird. As it turned out, we were all the way back to Ritzville before the word came that the bird had been relocated. Too late to turn around. Would have to wait another week. Pretty much decided after the Wednesday no show that I would not make another attempt to see the gull. All of that changed with the reports from yesterday.

All this to say thank you to all of you who have done such a great job monitoring the bird’s movements and giving clear directions on where to find it- and of course, to Ryan Merrill for finding it the first time. We have some great birders in our state. I have been on the receiving end of some of their great finds a number of times and have learned a lot from these folks. The gull was another great experience

I know so many of us depend upon eBird heavily to help us track and find birds.But I was reminded this last week that birding list serves like Tweeters and Inland Birders still serve a very important roles in the birding community. I would suppose that there are many birders in tweeterland who are seeing good birds that others would like to know about.

Swallow-tailed Gull – what a bird
Terry Little
Mead, Wa
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