[Tweeters] Neah Bay 9/8-9/10 - Northern Waterthrush, Black Phoebe, etc.

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Mon Sep 11 09:53:01 PDT 2017

Hey All,
This weekend Jason Vassallo and I took a trip up to Neah Bay for the Saturday pelagic trip. While the pelagic trip left a bit to be desired in terms of birds and particularly weather, our land birding was outstanding. 
When we got in Friday evening we did a bit of birding around the area and came up with a PECTORAL SANDPIPER next to the senior center and a very cooperative flock of type 4 Red Crossbills. 
Some of our best finds came right after the pelagic trip on Saturday afternoon. It seems likely that the quality birding was due to the poor weather that morning. While birding in town heard a BLACK PHOEBE calling and eventually spotted it as it flew over. We didn't see where it landed and were unable to find it again. Later that afternoon we heard a distinctive call that sounded perfect for NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH on the Ba'adah Village Loop Road. Jason was able to pish it up, allowing good views and decent photographs. Also observed that day was a single Black swift
Sunday morning we weren't able to refind any of the rarities of the previous day. However we did still see a NORTHERN PYGMY OWL and a GREEN HERON (rare for the area) on Backtrack rd. We also saw a flock of 12 BLACK SWIFTS flying over the town on two occasions. Our final stop was to do some seawatching from the jetty. Here we were treated to 5 very early ANCIENT MURRELETS. Two of which were seen extremely close to the jetty and were heard calling! It seemed possible that one was a begging juvenile. We also saw a TUFTED PUFFIN fly past, heading towards Tatoosh island.
eBird checklists with pictures and more specific directions from Saturday and Sunday:http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S39122074

Good Birding,Will BrooksTacoma, WAhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/111721922@N04/

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