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Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Tue Sep 12 15:53:04 PDT 2017

Being a digital curmudgeon of sorts, I really haven't done much photography lately , although my closets full of professional grade slides. I miss my Nikon (still have it) but film is nearly extinct and it was too expensive anyway. I haven't gone too far with digital, but have some nice stuff done with my digital point and shoot, which seems to be missing from my move from Everett. All those nice photos got lost in a computer meltdown. I know, I Know -back your stuff up.

Well these day I'm fooling with my cell phone, which has about 3 times as megapixels as the ol' point and shoot. I've taken. some nice photos with it.

I've got one great big peeve with it though - there is often so much glare on the screen that you can't even see what you''re pointing at. I'm not a "snapshooter", and as for selfies, why scare myself even more? No, I like a nice artistically composed photo.

So how to solve the screen glare problem? You may have seen photos of those old pioneer photographer, using those big ol' view camera's which had a big glass viewfinder. They would throw a black cloth over their head and the camera to shade the viewfinder. I've read that the Indians didn't do these guys in, was because if a guy was standing next to a big tripod, with a black bag over his head - well that's crazy shaman stuff that you don't want to mess with.

This being Port Townsend, maybe it would fly - people have done stranger stuff around here. Hey, I'm at home, I's sunny out, so I put my head in a dark tee shirt, headfirst and positioned my shirt so could see the viewfinder and voila, it worked -no glare! So there I was a man with his tee shirt on his head, looking at the ground. Time to call social services.

I live in a private spot and nobody saw me. But there must be an easier way -how about a black baseball hat with fold-down side flaps that could velcro atop your hat when not in use - that might work. But I just got a brilliant idea - maybe some phone genius has already figured it out so I googled " shading cell phone screen" and it turns out there's tons of neat little plastic detachable screens that do just that , and they're cheap. I never have seen anybody use one, so it's news to me. Have to check one out to see if it works.

So I guess that's the end of my brilliant thinking. What a relief.

Jeff Gibson

now thinking about something else, in

Port Townsend WA
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