[Tweeters] RFI: Crab Apple/or other varieties of trees that birds love to eat the fruit of.

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By planting native tree varieties, you will attract more local birds, be they resident or migratory.

Serviceberry trees (Amelanchier alnifolia, Pacific serviceberry) are swarmed every year in my yard, by several varieties of birds, including warblers. They have small berries about the size of ash berries, but not as messy.

Cascara (Rhamnus purshiana) also attracts birds for small fruits, and the caterpillars/butterflies that use this tree.
I have small crabapple trees, Serviceberry and Cascara all in my yard--planted especially for them--and I and the birds are pleased. All three types have flowers which also attract hummingbirds, and chickadees, and sometimes finches.

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> love to eat the fruit of.


> I'd like to plant one or two (for pollination) crab apple or other varieties of fruit trees in my yard that birds love. Does

> anybody have any experience with varieties that really attract birds? I know the diameter of the apples/fruit needs to be 1/4 in

> or so.

> I live on 5 acres of rural property open in the middle and surrounded by forest on Camano Island.


> Larry Baxter






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