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Tweets – with the change in the weather, the migratory floodgates opened. After weeks of doldrums, today was super birdy, with large flocks of warblers in many locations, plus a lot of other good birds. We had seven species of warbler, and six species of sparrow.

a.. Pied-billed Grebe – at least 8 on the lake, up from 1’s and 2’s
b.. Vaux’s Swift – at least 30 – quite a large number for Marymoor
c.. Virginia Rail – one called spontaneously across from Lake Platform
d.. Northern Harrier – our first for 2017 – cruising high heading west
e.. Pileated Woodpecker – three seen together
f.. Falcon sp. – “not a Merlin” was about all we could agree on – distant, in flight
g.. Willow Flycatcher – one along edge of Dog Meadow
h.. Western Wood-Pewee – two near east end of boardwalk – first in 5 weeks
i.. Warbling Vireo – two, one seen
j.. Violet-green Swallow – at least 10 mixed in with Vaux’s Swifts. First in 5 weeks
k.. Barn Swallow – only one
l.. Black-capped Chickadee – large flocks, with warblers mixed in
m.. Chestnut-backed Chickadee – widespread, and mixed in BCCH/warbler flocks
n.. Swainson’s Thrush – a very few, heard-only, pre-dawn
o.. AMERICAN PIPIT – at least 20 on grass soccer fields at 7:00 a.m. – First of Fall
p.. Orange-crowned Warbler – Maybe a dozen, mostly celata, with several lutescens, and one orestera
q.. Common Yellowthroat – still the most common warbler
r.. Yellow Warbler – maybe 4 – first in 5 weeks
s.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – about 5 drab birds
t.. Black-throated Gray Warbler – Probably at least 8; many sightings
u.. Townsend’s Warbler – First of Fall – at least 2
v.. Wilson’s Warbler – one
w.. Lincoln’s Sparrow – 2-4 – First of Fall
x.. Golden-crowned Sparrow – 3 – First of Fall
y.. Western Meadowlark – 2 in East Meadow – First of Fall
Our only notable misses today were Hooded Merganser, Glaucous-winged Gull, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Marsh Wren, and Western Tanager.

For the day, 61 species – a big increase over our recent counts.

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