[Tweeters] Lower River Road, Vancouver, WA--snowy egrets

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hi ... the farmer who owned the farm there was Elmer Rufener (info via the Port of Vancouver and the Columbian) ... "Ruefner" has been used by the Vancouver Audubon Society ... (sometime in the past they reversed the letters) ... eBird uses "Lower River Road Pond" ... 

we saw one Snowy last week ... glad to know they're still around !!!


Lyn Topinka
Vancouver, Wa,

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I went shortly after lunch (what, am I crazy?).  First stop was Rufener's pond (Ruefners?), which is a holding pond just past 32nd st. I saw a large number of White Egrets, and two Snowy Egrets in the mix. 
Vancouver Lake yielded no new species...Brewer's Blackbirds, a cacophony of American Crows ( a lot more than I usually see), a few California Scrub Jays, a lot of LBJs, a few gulls that I need to look up to identify more specifically, and a Great Blue Heron.   There were dozens of barn swallows swooping over the more open park land, song sparrows in the bushes, a Bewick's wren, and one American Kestrel.  In the distance I could hear Sandhill Cranes and a flock of Cackling Geese flew overhead. At Frenchman's Bar I also saw  several Brown-headed Cowbirds, including juveniles, in a flock of mixed Brewer's Blackbirds and European Starlings. I also noted Song Sparrows, Northern Flickers, Chickadees, and a Pileated Woodpecker.  Once again I could hear, although not see, some Sandhill Cranes.

Michelle Maani
Vancouver, WA
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