[Tweeters] RFI: Crab Apple/or other varieties of trees that birds love to eat the fruit of.

Nadine Drisseq bearsmartwa at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 12:01:36 PDT 2017

Adding Strawberry Tree to the list. (USA common name, Latin name: Arbutus
unedo, Italian name Corbazzolo).
I used to eat the berries of these small trees while my dad would take me
porcini hunting in the hills outside Siena when I was a child, so imagine
my surprise when I found it in Squak Mtn Nursery! I put two in my yard -
one dwarf which is now a giant bush, 9 feet high, ten years later, and one
tree which is less bushy and 8 feet tall. The advantage of these shrubs is
that they are evergreen, hummingbirds love the bell shaped flowers, and the
fruit arrive in late November, a time when there is not quite so much food
about for birds.
When the berries come, I have to get in there fast if I see a ripe one,
because the birds usually beat me to it. It does take a few years to get
the berries coming on an immature shrub, but they are beautiful and worth
the wait. I've seen the trees planted around Seattle, especially on Alki
beach. The fruit can be made into a liqueur using brandy or 50% vodka and
sugar. They're fairly hardy and have survived snowfalls at Squak Mtn for
the past ten years, and even the ice storm didn't affect it a few years


*Nadine Drisseq*
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