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Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 16 20:20:15 PDT 2017

Dear Tweeters,
Today (16 September 2017) was a good day for migrants in Skagit County, finally, after what seemed like a doldrums period.
At Samish Island were four Spotted Sandpipers, a few Western Grebes, a Red-necked Grebe, and a few White-winged Scoters. 
At the Samish West Ninety were lots of American Pipits and Barn and Violet-green Swallows. I heard a Western Meadowlark singing, and spotted a Golden-crowned Sparrow. The huge surprise here was an Eastern Grey Squirrel on a piling out by the outer dike, just a stone's throw from saltwater! Actually, this species is spreading all over the populated part of the county. A major cause of this spread comes down to the actions of a single misguided lady. She works at a business in Skagit County where there happens to be a bird-feeder. She live-traps the Eastern Greys, then transplants them in various places, the location of which she won't reveal. I have tried to reason with this person, and informed her that this is a violation of the law, but she persists. Just over the past few days, I have seen more and more of them in the Birdsview-Hamilton-Lyman area, including a few melanistic ones--but I never expected to see one surrounded by sea-wrack.
At the Game Range were huge numbers of blackbirds, including three Yellow-headed Blackbirds, plus a beautiful leucistic Brewer'sBlackbirds that was the color of café-au-lait, with white wing-patches. There was also a Red-winged Blackbird afflicted with some sort of abnormal caruncle near its bill.
Yours truly,
Gary Bletsch

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