[Tweeters] Gull hunting

Josh Adams xjoshx at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 23:10:06 PDT 2017

Hello all,
I've made a couple visits to the areas between Edmonds and Mukilteo in
the last week with a special eye out for our Swallow-Tailed visitor,
but no luck. As is typical in September, there are huge numbers of
gulls out feeding in what I think of as the triangle between the south
tip of Whidbey Island, Point No Point, and Edmonds. It's hard to
estimate, given the great distances and constant movement, but I'd say
I've seen close to a thousand gulls in this area.in most years. During
slack tides the birds often disperse to roosts throughout the area. I
would imagine the STGU's diet overlaps with whatever these birds are
eating so it should've had no trouble finding food at night with less

Along with the gulls, Jaegers (almost all Parasitic) can often be
found in the area as well. I had at least three on Friday. Today, I
stopped by, but the rough conditions made birding difficult.
Truthfully I was there to see Orcas that had been reported, however,
and I did get some very long looks at over a dozen of them as they
headed south.

Josh Adams
Cathcart, WA

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