[Tweeters] Where are the female flickers?

Betty bettinab39 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 19:58:57 PDT 2017

At my house!

I have had a few of each. Today there was a pair…



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Female at my feeder several times this morning in Lake Stevens.

Phil Dickinson

On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 1:22 PM, Peggy Mundy <peggy_busby at yahoo.com <mailto:peggy_busby at yahoo.com> > wrote:

I am sure there is a simple explanation for this, hoping someone can enlighten me.

I have flickers in my yard year-round. It suddenly occurred to me that every flicker I have seen at my feeders recently (i.e., for at least the past couple of weeks) has been male, based on the red "moustache." Where have the female flickers gone? I had both males and females earlier in the summer. Thanks. (Murphy's law dictates that within moments of me sending this message, female flickers will return to the feeders, I'll risk it. Hahaha).

Peggy Mundy

Bothell, WA


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