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Thu Sep 21 14:51:09 PDT 2017

Tweets – arguably the best day birding at Marymoor ever. No, really. The place was just dripping with birds. The weather cooperated by hardly dripping at all. Week 38 is often a pretty special week during fall migration, but it really outdid itself this time.

a.. Cackling Goose – two or three flocks – First of Fall (FOF)
b.. Western Grebe – one on lake
c.. Virginia Rail – one heard spontaneously calling near Lake Platform
d.. DOWITCHERS – four, presumed LONG-BILLED, in flight with ~8 other shorebirds (Pectorals?)
e.. Glaucous-winged Gull – long overdue FOF
f.. Double-crested Cormorant – at least 2; FOF
g.. TURKEY VULTURE – a tight kettle of TWENTY-ONE, moving south
h.. Northern Harrier – probably at least 6 birds; all the ones seen well juveniles
i.. Sharp-shinned Hawk – one – FOF
j.. Barn Owl – one at south end of East Meadow, 6:32 am. First in 5 weeks
k.. Hairy Woodpecker – one across the slough
l.. Pileated Woodpecker – one seen distantly in flight
m.. AMERICAN KESTREL – beautiful adult male – First for 2017
n.. MERLIN – chased Kestrel, as well as many other birds
o.. Western Wood-Pewee – 2
p.. Willow Flycatcher – 1
q.. Warbling Vireo – 1 at Rowing Club
r.. Violet-green Swallow – everywhere; probably 120+
s.. Barn Swallow – at least 10
t.. Ruby-crowned Kinglet – perhaps 4; FOF
u.. Varied Thrush – perhaps 4; FOF
v.. LAPLAND LONGSPUR – at least 3, East Meadow & Dog Meadow
w.. Orange-crowned warbler – in the ballpark of 40 birds!
x.. Common Yellowthroat – numbers down, but still a dozen or so
y.. Yellow Warbler – perhaps 10
z.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – drab Audubon’s type – about 15
aa.. Black-throated Gray Warbler – ~4
ab.. Townsends’s Warbler – 1 or 2 at Rowing Club
ac.. Savannah Sparrow – maybe 50
ad.. CLAY-COLORED SPARROW – almost positive of ID (will look at photos later). 1 at Pea Patch
ae.. Fox Sparrow – 25, many singing; FOF
af.. LINCOLN’S SPARROW – at least 20, with one singing
ag.. Western Tanager – at least 4; FOF
ah.. Western Meadowlark – at least 2
I’m pretty certain we set high counts for Dowitcher, Turkey Vulture, Northern Harrier, Orange-crowned Warbler, Savannah Sparrow, Fox Sparrow, and Lincoln’s Sparrow

Our total for the day, at 76 species, is almost certainly a high count for fall, and very close to our all-time high species count over the last 23 years!

I didn’t want to leave; I’m pretty sure with more time we could have topped 80 species. But I’m leading a field trip tomorrow morning at the WOS conference in Whatcom Co., so I had to race home to head north.

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