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From the very start this morning, it seemed like a mini fallout. Based on this and other reports, there is some serious movement going on. How long will it last? Although the clouds looked threatening, it never rained but it never got very bright either. Which hampered the birding a little, but there was so much activity, it was hard to focus anyway. Due to a conflict tomorrow, did an abbreviated walk this morning instead, but I couldn’t get very far anyway, what with all the avian distractions! Some notables:

Cackling Geese - one V flock of 30-40 birds; heard, but did not see, another
Northern Harrier - when I got to Promontory Point, the small passerines were going crazy so I assumed a raptor was nearby. Never saw one, but after about 15 minutes cataloging all the activity, the Harrier flew across the top of the point, heading south.
Cooper’s Hawk - 3 immature birds, Central Meadow
4 Thrushes - AMRO, plus a whitting Swainson’s, several vocalizing Hermit and even more Varied Thrush, doing their churrs and soft songs.
6 Warblers - many Orange-crowned, including at least one gray-headed; several Common Yellowthroat, a Wilson’s, a couple of Yellow and many Yellow-rumped and Black-throated Gray, the latter on Promontory Point, all others in the meadows
8 Sparrows - many Fox, White-crowned and Golden-crowned, Savannah and Lincoln’s, in addition to the regulars
Ruby-crowned Kinglet - first of fall
Warbling Vireo - mixed in with the rest

For the morning, 43 species.
Checklist: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S39314447 <http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S39314447>
Scott Ramos

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