[Tweeters] Winter wren in Seattle?

Margaret Sandelin msand47 at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 22 09:09:30 PDT 2017

Has anyone ID-ed Winter Wrens in Seattle. I live on Queen Anne and
yesterday morning in the Pieris Japonica outside my window in the shade
I saw a very small round dark brown bird with no clear markings and a
very very short tale flitting rapidly around the bush before
disappearing. i had very little time to get a good look, but the very
short tail seems to eliminate any of the other small birds. When I first
saw it I thought it was my Bewick's Wren by the movement but then saw no
white eyebrow and almost no tail. Bushtits are lighter and have long
tail and are usually in groups. Too brown, no white eye ring or wing
bar and again no tail to be a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet that I have also seen
in my yard. So back to the Winter Wren that I don't think of being in
urban areas.
Margaret Sandelin

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