[Tweeters] Brown Booby / San Juan Island

Ned McGarry ned_mcgarry at wavecable.com
Fri Sep 22 12:29:54 PDT 2017

Didn't see this on Tweeters, so figured many would like to know . . .

Western WA Birders (Melisa Pinnow originator) and subsequently ABA Rare Bird
Alert has this report.

"BROWN BOOBY at San Juan Island. Photos taken at 9:21 AM this morning very
close to shore near Hannah Heights on the west side of the island. Was being
chased by gulls. It did also feed at an active bait ball before being chased
off again. watched it for less than 5 mins. Last seen flying north up Haro


Ned McGarry

Sammamish, WA

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