[Tweeters] Black-and-white Warbler at Montlake Fill

Blake Hough evergreenthinker at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 17:43:39 PDT 2017

I was birding the Montlake Fill this morning and found a male
Black-and-white Warbler foraging in the tall trees (I think they are
cottonwoods?) directly east of Shoveler¹s Pond. At first glance I assumed
it was a Black-throated Gray, but it had a streaky back, no yellow on the
face, and much more black/white streaking on the head/face/throat (vs. the
strong, thick black stripes of a Black-throated Gray). When I found it it
was feeding with a mixed flock of Chickadees and Orange Crowned Warblers.

I sent a note to Ryan Merrill, who forwarded it to Adrian Lee and he was
able to re-find it this afternoon.

Blake Hough


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