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Yes, I guess our scrub-jays are now California Scrub-Jays. The checklist we use doesn’t have that change yet.


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So I was aware that AOU split Western scrub jay into two species, a California and Woodhouse scrub jay, but their range map seems to leave interior scrub jays in no man's land, so is any scrub jay in Washington or Oregon a California scrub jay now? I personally have a hard time keeping up with all this splitting and lumping.


Devon Comstock

On Sep 25, 2017 2:35 PM, "Hugh" <h2ouzel at comcast.net> wrote:

Tom Munsch led an Eastside Audubon trip starting at the Three Friends Fishing Hole on the Green R. A little ways south of that park we saw 3 or 4 Western Scrub-Jays in the area, just across (west) from many storage buildings.

Hugh Jennings
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