[Tweeters] Jay Migration at St. Cloud on Sept. 24th

Jim Danzenbaker jdanzenbaker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 11:27:03 PDT 2017


Spurred on by the report of migrating jays and other species at St. Cloud
Recreation Area, Skamania County, I headed over to try my luck. Like the
previous report, I saw many, many jays moving west to east. Most were
about a quarter mile north of the river but one group flew overhead. My
numbers follow:

7:18am - 7:45am: 252 (included one flock of 158 over an 8 minute period)
Steller's Jays
7:46am - 8am: 120 Steller's Jays and 20 Scrub Jays and one Lewis's
8:01am - 8:15am: 41 Steller's Jays and 24 Scrub Jays
8:16am - 8:30am: 40 Steller's Jays
8:31am - 8:45am: 60 Steller's Jays and 8 Scrub Jays.


Steller's Jay: 515
C. Scrub Jay: 52
Lewis's Woodpecker: 1

There were also:

150+ Yellow-rumped Warbler
20 White-crowned Sparrow
15 Golden-croned Sparrow
50 Cedar Waxwing
45 American Robin
5 Varied Thrush
and miscellaneous kinglets, RB Sapsuckers, N. Flickers, D. Woodpeckers, and
a few blackbirds.

A rather amazing spot!

Keep your eyes and ears skyward.

Jim Danzenbaker
Battle Ground, WA

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 5:39 PM, cjflick <flick at gorge.net> wrote:

> Jay migration was *streaming-screaming* during the day (*Sept 24*) at St.

> Cloud, Skamania Co., moving from west-to-east.




> During a 3 hr, 19 min visit & walk-about, John and Mary Davis counted an

> eastward movement of 240 Steller’s jays, 84 California scrub-jays, and 58

> Lewis’s woodpeckers, *which flew over with the jays*.




> Another group (*CJ Flick with two others*) at St. Cloud was out bird

> banding along the Columbia River at St. Cloud. During a 3-minute count at

> 8:20 a.m., three persons counted a fly-over of 51 jays (*STJA & CASJ*) –

> they just kept streaming. This group (*here for 6 hours+*) thought that

> the jays had the top numbers today, followed by yellow-rumped warblers, and

> lastly, golden-crowned sparrows. Certainly, the group’s estimate of >600

> jays moving during these field hours is NO under estimation.


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Jim Danzenbaker
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