[Tweeters] Jay Migration at St. Cloud on Sept. 24th

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Susan and I didn't stop at St. Cloud on Sunday morning due to smoke but we saw the same jay movement as reported by John Davis in other spots east of there. On Oct. 1, 2015, Les Carlson and I counted 336 Steller's Jays but only 2 Scrub-Jays heading east while we were at St. Cloud over a period of one hour. Wilson Cady
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Tweeters, Spurred on by the report of migrating jays and other species at St. Cloud Recreation Area, Skamania County, I headed over to try my luck. Like the previous report, I saw many, many jays moving west to east. Most were about a quarter mile north of the river but one group flew overhead. My numbers follow: 7:18am - 7:45am: 252 (included one flock of 158 over an 8 minute period) Steller's Jays7:46am - 8am: 120 Steller's Jays and 20 Scrub Jays and one Lewis's Woodpecker8:01am - 8:15am: 41 Steller's Jays and 24 Scrub Jays8:16am - 8:30am: 40 Steller's Jays8:31am - 8:45am: 60 Steller's Jays and 8 Scrub Jays. Total: Steller's Jay: 515C. Scrub Jay: 52Lewis's Woodpecker: 1 There were also: 150+ Yellow-rumped Warbler20 White-crowned Sparrow15 Golden-croned Sparrow50 Cedar Waxwing45 American Robin5 Varied Thrushand miscellaneous kinglets, RB Sapsuckers, N. Flickers, D. Woodpeckers, and a few blackbirds. A rather amazing spot! Keep your eyes and ears skyward. Jim DanzenbakerBattle Ground, WA
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Jay migration was streaming-screaming during the day (Sept 24) at St. Cloud, Skamania Co., moving from west-to-east.

During a 3 hr, 19 min visit & walk-about, John and Mary Davis counted an eastward movement of 240 Steller&rsquo;s jays, 84 California scrub-jays, and 58 Lewis&rsquo;s woodpeckers, which flew over with the jays.

Another group (CJ Flick with two others) at St. Cloud was out bird banding along the Columbia River at St. Cloud. During a 3-minute count at 8:20 a.m., three persons counted a fly-over of 51 jays (STJA & CASJ) &ndash; they just kept streaming. This group (here for 6 hours+) thought that the jays had the top numbers today, followed by yellow-rumped warblers, and lastly, golden-crowned sparrows. Certainly, the group&rsquo;s estimate of >600 jays moving during these field hours is NO under estimation.

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