[Tweeters] Red-breasted Sapsucker

Linda Phillips linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Sat Sep 30 22:01:17 PDT 2017

I had a 4 woodpecker day Saturday at Wallace Swamp Creek Park in Kenmore.
RB-Sapsucker was the one I missed but I’ve seen them occasionally over the past few weeks and there are freshly dug wells on one of their favorite trees.
I was asked recently why they cluster the wells so densely on the tree, rather than a random well here and there. I had no answer but an idea came to me that I want to check with my fellow Tweeters to see if anyone can confirm or give a reason against my hypothesis.
The reason the sapsuckers clusters the wells is because damage to the tree makes it send more sap to that area in an attempt to heal, so a new well near the old one will yields more sap than an isolated one. Similar to when humans have an injury the area is red and swollen because blood rushes to the area.
What do you think?

Linda Phillips

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